Tuesday, September 12, 2006

US Media waiting for the authorized spin on this one

Al-Quds al-Arabi, Tuesday September 12, says 902 Kurdish farming families have been forced out of their homes in the area where the Turkish-Iranian-Iraqi borders meet, because of continued shelling of the area by both Turkish and Iranian forces. The shelling has already caused several deaths and injuries, as well as the destruction of hundreds of head of cattle. The newspaper cites Kurdish journalistic sources, the main one apparently being Kurdish News Network (KNN TV). Al-Quds adds that the families are in dire straits economically because they have had to miss the end of the fruit-harvesting season. Al-Quds says the Iranian-oriented Party of Life, or Freedom Life Party of Kurdistan, PEJAK, and the Turkish-oriented Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) have used this area as a refuge for years, adding that there has been massing of Iranian and Turkish troops in the area for a considerable time now. You might think that cross-border shelling, displacement of families, and massing of troops would catch the attention of the great institutions of American journalism, and maybe it has, but probably they are waiting to be told what the spin on this is supposed to be.

UPDATE: Finally on Sept 20, the UN-affiliated INRI news service (Integrated Regional Information Networks), part of the humanitarian and relief side of things, put out a release on tough conditions faced by the over 900 families displaced by the above-mentioned Iranian and Turkish shelling. From there Reuters' AlertNet (also a disaster-alert thing) picked it up, which caused Juan Cole to notice it. Further illustrating the point that until the man decides who's wearing the black hats, all you really have is a natural disaster.


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