Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tribal group plans mobilization against federalism

Something called the Central Council for Iraqi and Arab Tribes, headed by Ali al-Faris al-Dulaimi, and a related group called the Republican Gathering, described their current activities as the start of a nation-wide mobilization for national unity, and reported on the first two general meetings, the first for tribes in the area around Baghdad, and the second in Karbala, with participation of a lot of tribes in the Middle Euphrates district, stressing that in both cases the consensus was opposition to any form of federalism. The statement said those promoting federalism as a cover for their narrow interests will earn nothing but disappointment and loss, because the tribes of Iraq have prepared themselves for the sacrifices that will be necessary in the struggle for the preservation of the unity of Iraq, its honor, and its sovereignty.

Azzaman reports the content of these statements on an inside page of the newspaper today (Tuesday October 31, on page 4) without comment or elaboration, under the heading: "Tribal council: Federalism aims at the breakup of Iraq". It appears the groups referred to could be new, or at least the reporter was unable to immediately assess their importance.


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