Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Iraq-Saudi security fence

Iraqi newspaper Al-Mada reports remarks by Saudi Interior Minister Prince Naef bin Abdulaziz, one of the top members of the ruling family, on the topic of the planned Saudi-Iraq security fence. Prince Naef said this is a fence that will run the full 900 km of the Saudi-Iraq border; administrative work has already begun, and construction will start next year. It could take five or six years to complete. The journalist explains he is concerned about "Islamist extremists" who came from Saudi Arabia to join armed groups in Iraq, many of whom have been captured and sentenced either to death of prison, but others of whom will be trying to re-enter Saudi Arabia at some point. The fence is to keep them out. Prince Naef said all of Iraq's neighbors are concerned about spillover security issues, "because in a situation where the international forces are fighting a bitter war against the terrorist organizations, and at the same time trying to stave off a civil war, they aren't [also] able to control the borders."

The point about five or six years to completion is one indication, if any were needed, that this is being treated in the region as a long-term problem.


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