Monday, November 13, 2006

Iraqi Patriotic Alliance to be invited to visit Venezuela

The Iraqi Patriotic (or "National") Alliance, which is the umbrella group for for the domestic, mostly Sunni resistance, including its Baath wing and many others, says a delegate has had three meetings with a high-level representative of the government of Venezuela, (this is reported in Al-Quds al-Arabi and datelined London) and has passed on to the Venezuelan leadership a personal message from Izzat Ibrahim expressing the high esteem of the Iraqi resistance and the Iraqi people for the courageous and just attitude of Venezuela and all the governments of Latin America against the American and Zionist occupations of Iraq and Palestine.

The body of this item tells how the delegate explained the exploits of the resistance and the invalidity of the Saddam trial, after which the Venezuelan representative expressed his country's unconditional support for the resistance, adding that an invitation for a Patriotic Alliance delegation to visit Venezuela will be prepared after the December presidential elections.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Iraqi Patriotic Alliance is NOT the umbrella group for the domestic, mostly Sunni resistance, including its Baath wing. Maybe the IPA makes this claim for itself, but it is untrue. The IPA is an umbrella group for dissident left-wing Baathists, patriotic communists and some Arab nationalists. IPA General Secretary, Jabbar al-Kubaysi, met representatives of Saddam Hussein's government before the invasion to discuss a common resistance strategy. Since then the IPA has actively co-operated with the underground Baath Party led by al-Duri, but the latter commands a larger number of
fighters etc

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