Monday, November 13, 2006

Western news sanitized following the US veto

Today (Monday November 13) Al-Quds al-Arabi reports the same basic facts as the Western press about Arab reaction to the US veto of the Security Council resolution criticizing the Beit Hanoun killings, but with a couple of points that the Western press leaves out.

The first point is that the Arab foreign ministers' decision to "lift the financial blockade" against Palestine, supposedly to express their outrage or something like that, was hypocritical in the extreme, for instance given the fact that Egypt continues to keep the Rafah crossing closed for fear of angering the Israelis. In fact the decision was taken only after the ministers assured themselves that the decision on a new Palestinian government will result in American and international lifting the blockade anyway, so this wasn't courageous at all. On the contrary, it was another manifestation of their total submission to the Americans.

The second point is that four Palestinian armed factions issued a statement calling on mujahideen everywhere to attack American interests, in retaliation for what the Americans have done in Iraq and Palestine. The four groups are the Salahadeen group affiliated with the Popular Resistance Committees; the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade; a group named after Ahmad Abu al-Reesh the Sword of Islam; and the Fatah Fighters, Unitary Brigades, or some such name. Al-Quds said the statement comes in response to the US veto of the UN resolution criticising Israel for the Beit Hanoun killings. The statement called on all free people of the world, and all the mujahideen of the Islamic ummah to "satiate the Americans with attacks..." adding that what the Americans have sown with their guns and their airplanes, this is what they should reap. Traditionally, there has been a very strong inclination on the part of the Palestinian resistance to keep their struggle strictly domestic. It is possible that as a result of Beit Hanoun and the US veto, something has snapped.


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