Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sunni warns of Shiia on Shiia clashes as a result of the recent "provisional government" scheme

Iraqi League, a predominantly Sunni organization, reports on its website about the recent announcement of a "provisional leadership for the South" by a group meeting in Baghdad. (The initial and very sketchy news about this in Al-Hayat is summarized here). Iraqi League's main points, quoting the views of a Sunni member of the national Parliament, are: (1) The move was illegal and unconstitutional, because not in conformity with the law on the creation of federal regions; and (2) the fact that this is being attempted increases the chances of Shiite-versus-Shiite clashes. And in particular it cites an anonymous source to the effect the meeting and the announcement of this provisional government are sponsored by SCIRI and in particular by its leader Abdulaziz al-Hakim as part of a partition-Iraq strategy.

The Iraqi League report says:
Hashem al-Taiya, a member of the national parliament for the Iraqi Accord Front, warned of what he called "Shiia-Shiia clashes" that could result from this announcement by a few tribal and political figures of what they call a "provisional government for the southern region". He said in remarks to the press that this move was not constitutional or legal, because you can't have just anyone of the sheikhs going out and saying "I am president of the Southern region", stressing what a bad precedent this is.

Al-Taiya said: This group will be opposed by [other] parties that have proposed federalism and have also proposed a southern federal region. And my worst fear is that this will lead to Shiite-Shiite clashes in the South, increasing the level of resentment throughout Iraq, and increasing the level of instability and chaos, and the chances for clashes, with unforseeable consequences. [On a technical point] he said clauses 115 and 122 of the Law on Regions are no support for this creation of a [purported] regional government.
On the question of who is behind this project, the Iraqi League report says this:
High-level Iraqi sources told malaf.net* that the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), and specifically its leader Abdulaziz al-Hakim are who stand behind this tribal movement, as a preparation for the creation of a political atmosphere for the partition of Iraq.
*I haven't found this, either on melaf.com which is an Iraqi site, or malaf.net, which is Jordanian.


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