Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Great stuff

Netroots people have done some digging around and found out that Allawi has been Prime Minister before and not only that but he didn't do a very good job. Matt says the source for this is terrific, and he says Jane has been reading his stuff too. He's Alex J Rossmiller, and according to Matt he knows what he's talking about because he used to work on Iraq intelligence for the US Defence Department. You'll recall what a great job they did.

Matt and Laura have also been digging into this whole question of a coup, and they found out it's not likely to happen anyway, certainly not for Allawi. Their source for that is Nibras Kazimi, who knows what he's talking about because he used to be research director for Ahmed Chalabi, the individual who worked the Defence Dept intelligence apparatus to help tout the war in the first place. Small world. A DIA flunky and a Chalabi flunky from back in the day, doing the spin for us. Thank god we have the credibility of Matt and Laura and the others to rely on this time around.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laura lost all credibility for me years ago when she asserted matter of factly in a blog post that Israel doesn't torture. When it came out a few months ago that several Israeli human rights groups asserted that Shin Bet routinely tortures, I emailed her asking if she would retract her former lies. She never responded.

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