Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Meeting Resistance": Badger gives it the thumbs up, and you should too

Meeting Resistance is a film about the Iraqi national resistance produced by Molly Bingham and Steve Connors, and in it you'll find enlightenment from both ordinary Iraqis and activist Iraqis about the nature of the resistance, the environment and motives of the people and so on, from 2003 onward. (And naturally among many other things it brings into focus issues about the Baath and so on, raised in the recent posts and discussion here). You can see short clips from the film with some of the people, talking about their motivation and so on, at the website meetingresistance.com. Distribution of the film is still a work in progress, and you can follow the scheduling via their website to see if it comes to a place accesible to you (currently LA and Hartford Conn) and subscribe to a newsletter that will keep you up to date. (There is also a trailer that Iraqslogger posted). I've only seen the clips and the trailer, but clearly the film is dyamite, and especially in the American context, where you don't get to see this side of the story at all, face to face in this way.

Molly and Steve thought readers here would be interested, and they're right! In a comment on an earlier post, they also note what their research in Adhamiya told them about spontaneous organization of resistance right after the invasion, even in the face of the Baath party itself being held in generally bad repute. I was going to lift a couple of paragraphs from their comment and put them here, but I can't figure out how to do that from a comment. It's the fourth comment down on the posting "An example of Baath-jihadi interaction"; suffice it to say as far as Baath-stronghold Adhamiya is concerned the Baath party's reputation among the residents was bad, and the party "had a lot of catching up to do," as they put it.

But the point is: Let's help promote the film. Missing Links readers are all influential people, think how you can help. It's needed, and besides that, it's interesting !


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I have also posted another comment (with references) under the posting "An example of Baath-jihadi interaction", in which I reiterate the FACT that resistance to US occupation was not only "spontaneously organised" after the invasion, but also comprehensively prepared "in complete confidentiality" by Saddam Hussein "without the knowledge of those closest to him formally" - with the exception of Al-Douri -, and that those secret preparations were completed by 2001-2002. (I am quoting from a recent article in Arabic by leading Ba'ath intellectual and Resistance activist Salah Al-Mukhtar.)

As a party of government the Ba'ath Party had attracted many opportunistic and corrupt individuals. Needless to say, such people were not involved in the SECRET preparations for a prolonged Resistance, and many of them would have been only too happy to collaborate with the US, given half a chance.

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