Monday, November 05, 2007

"MB hoping to use the US as leverage in the Egyptian power-struggle" : Iraqi resistance site

As Marc Lynch notes, the website devotes considerable space to his recent public discussions with, and about, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, as part of a story on the whole MB project of publishing a comprehensive political program. Islammemo is affiliated with the Sunni armed resistance in Iraq (don't ask me what their affiliation is more particularly), so the piece is interesting in its way, as an indication of how they understand the MB project. The journalist gives a detailed account of the various exchanges between the MB and its spokesmen and Lynch and others, naturally focusing on the various issues including the MB commitment to democracy as compared with its recent "Islam is the answer" approach, doubts about the MB commitment versus the even bigger issue of Egyptian government repression, and so on, without too much additional spin in the body of the narrative. But then at the conclusion of the piece there is this. Lynch is quoted to the effect many people were shocked by one of the drafts, to which the journalist adds:
In other words, it wasn't American enough.

We also observe that much of the American reaction reflects an attempted rapprochement between the Muslim Brotherhood and the US, and this confirms that the message behind the announcement of this Muslim Brotherhood program is directed fundamentally toward the United States, because at the present time the Egyptian government is clashing with and persecuting the Brotherhood, so how do they expect to be allowed to form a party? [The explanation is that] the MB has set their hopes on the United States on the basis the US is the prime world power with influence on the attitudes of the Egyptian regime. However, one needs to understand that while in the current Egyptian regime setup they cave in to American pressure on matters related to foreign policy and [some] domestic issues, but when it comes to matters relating to the struggle for power [between the regime and the MB], they cling to [power] and they rebuff [the MB] fiercely, and this explains the latest campaigns of repression against the MB leaders.


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