Monday, December 17, 2007

Europeans described as worried about an American plan to convert any Shiite resistance into full-scale civil war

This is from the Sadrist news-site
Diplomatic sources in Brussels said many European countries still have major fears about surprises in the security situation in Iraq...

The sources said reports from several European embassies in Baghdad strengthen convictions that there exist threats to Iraqi security in the event American policy is put in peril, or in the event there emerge factors dramatically threatening to American interests in the future.
The journalist says the Europeans note that the awakening councils have resulted in putting 70,000 Sunni fighters under arms in a form not subject to the Baghdad government, and although they concede that these groups have served the Americans well in fighting AlQaeda, they fear
... that they could be used to open broad fronts against Shiite organizations should these organizations come to constitute a real threat to the American presence in Iraq.
He says the European embassy reports talk about involvement by the CIA in the guidance of these awakening councils
...on the orders of the Bush administration and major advisers, to involve members of the CIA in communication and coordination with many of the awakening councils...and the sources concluded by saying: The real anxiety in European capitals relating to these developments is the following: That the awakening councils could be used in the service of plans [that could be] implemented by the American intelligence agency against Iraqi forces opposed to the American presence, and specifically against Shiite organizations or a broad Shiite movement against the American presence in Iraq in the future, something that would contribute to a bloody civil war in Iraq, working in the long term against the desired stability in the country, and [instead] tearing it up into city-states.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A US Colonel has a good discussion on the awakening problem at Mother Jones

I believe the Saudis read Bush jun. the riot act and he had to change sides, i.e. support the Sunnis, in the bigger conflict.

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