Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fitna coming to Sadr City along with the American airstrikes?

A website called alrafedain.net has recently posted alarming and inflammatory Sadr-threat items including the supposed return of boogeyman "Abu Deraa" to Basra, Sadrist stockpiling of weapons and materials around Najaf, possible Arab-regime intelligence-agency involvement in the Basra events on the side of the Sadrists, and so on, none of it with any evidence or even plausibility. This is mixed in with some bona fide news. The site is often linked-to by the Supreme Council news-site Buratha.net. So the latest item has to be read in that context. The site says:
Abdullah Salah Jasim al-Ali, head of an association of tribes in Sadr City, formed in recent days to confront the Mahdi Army, disclosed that citizens of Sadr City, particularly members of the zealous (?) tribes, have risen up against the criminal gangs of the Mahdi Army, and there is a volunteer campaign going on in all areas of Sadr City to form councils to support the government in security matters--on the model of the Awakenings...

And Abdullah al-Salah said he has given a very strict directive to all members that they are to take members of the Mahdi Army who attack government forces or innocent people and hang them from electric poles as they used to do with innocent Shias and Sunnis.

He explained that the experience of the tribes in Anbar province in confronting the Islamic Party of Iraq was successful, and they intend to follow the same path in confronting the Mahdi Army.

This was the first public position issued by this noted tribal leader, who has a broad popular base. The association of Sadr City tribes includes important tribes in this besieged city.
Naturally it isn't possible to say whether this will amount to anything, but the point is that something like this is on the agenda of elements in the Supreme Council, as you would naturally expect. Because any time the American forces team up with the Iraqi Supreme-Council-led "government" forces to attack another group with tanks and airstrikes, it is a natural invitation to that other group's opponents to revive their grudges and try and move in for the kill, rather than talking.

Naturally, the US policy establishment and their enablers will be devastated by this, because their whole objective in Iraq is stability and peace. We can be sure that the firefights and airstrikes in Sadr City and elsewhere are being carried out with the deepest regret by the American authorities, who want nothing more than the integration of all political trends, including those for and against the occupation, without discrimination, into a democratic government of peace and stability. If you don't believe me, just read today's AP story, the latest version of the outstretched-hand story-line, purporting to dissociate the Americans from Maliki's anti-Sadr hard line.


Blogger Bruno said...

"If you don't believe me, just read today's AP story, the latest version of the outstretched-hand story-line, purporting to dissociate the Americans from Maliki's anti-Sadr hard line."

Sure we believe you. Its an OLD American trick to pose as the "good cop" while getting the natives to do the dirty work for them as the "bad cop".

The question is, how many of the regular folks that haven't studied US foreign policy in depth will get this?

Very few, unfortunately.

12:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well now, they can't hardly proclaim the success and justification of the surge is to reduce civil unrest, while at the same time initiating civil unrest, can they. Certainly, the contradiction is so enormous that even the contradiction choked U.S. authorities cannot spit this one out - so it's off to the criminals and special groups hogwash. Not that a lack of convincing narrative would preclude them from doing it anyway, because thats exactly what they're doing. Starting another round of "civil war".

anna missed

1:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sarcasm made me smile. =) Keep up the good work badger.

I would be very interested to read more of Sadr's direct words and declarations. The one's I have read at your site in the past seemed very sensible.

His goal of Iraqi peace and unity cannot be repeated enough, in my opinion.

6:11 AM  

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