Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sadr's greeting to his followers: ...the greater enemy

Here is the text of Moqtada alSadr's handwritten greetings to his followers, published today (Tuesday April 1) :
In the name of the highest:

Peace to my brothers in the Army of the Imam Mahdi, and the mercy and the blessings of God.

God preserve you, and the thanks to you are from God and not from me, for your suffering in these difficulties, and for your patience and your obedience and for your standing shoulder to shoulder in the defense of your people and your land and your honor, and peace to the mujahideen who have not allowed to the enemy any secure place. They have made of the occupier their enemy and [the enemy] of those who trust in them. I praise your aid, and I value your efforts in confrontation with the greater enemy [or the very great enemy].

At the same time I urge you to bear with equanimity the deaths of your martyrs--martyrs of Iraq--and I ask God to grant our wounded a speedy recovery. And may God preserve the families of the martyrs, and we ask of them patience and consolation in what God has chosen for them. And may they know that for all of the martyrs there are bright stars and that they are the white badges of victory and of peace. And may God reward them with the best rewards of the blessed.

Your brother,
Moqtada alSadr


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