Friday, April 18, 2008

US Embassy to Arab states: Remember: Iraq is Arab! Come join us under the rocket fire

A medical source told Aswat alIraq that figures from the two main hospitals in Sadr City (Imam Ali and Al-Sadr), together with cases from Sadr City received at Al-Kindi hospital show that since March 25, there have been 300 Iraqis killed in the fighting in Sadr City, and another 1621 wounded. That is a lot higher than what has been reported.

Meanwhile, in another area where news reports have become very sketchy lately, shelling of the Green Zone intensified yesterday (Thursday April 17), apparently taking advantage of the sandstorm, which hindered US aerial surveillance. An AP reporter said:
Apparently taking advantage of the reduced aerial activity, militants from eastern Baghdad repeatedly shelled the Green Zone, which houses diplomatic missions and much of the Iraqi government.

Explosions were heard across the city as salvos of rockets or mortar shells were fired into the high-security district. The U.S. Embassy confirmed the attacks but said no casualties were reported.

And the New York Times reports that the US forces have started building what it calls "a massive concrete wall that will partition Sadr City."

Meanwhile, a US embassy spokesman told AlHayat that the Green Zone is under daily attack, but he said this in connection with an interview in which he said Arab states should upgrade their diplomatic representation in the Green Zone. The story starts like this:

The official responsible for public relations at the American Embassy in Baghdad Philip Ricker, admitted that "rockets are raining down daily" on the Green Zone, but he invited the Arab states to strengthen their diplomatic presence in Iraq, because they have the ability to deal with security at their missions, as the security situation in Iraq improves, in his words.
Ricker said the continuing presence and activities of the US embassy is proof that the security problems can be dealt with, and he pointed out that there are European and Asian countries that also have active diplomatic representation in Iraq. Ricker continued:
"Also the Iranian ambassador and his embassy are very active, but those who are lacking are the Arab diplomats. This has nothing to do with granting legitimacy to Iraq. Rather, it has to do with the interests of those [Arab] countries in playing a role in this country." He stressed: "Iraq is a founding member of the Arab League, it has a strong Arab identity, and it has been part of the Arab world for centuries. And he emphasized that Iraqis "feel this lack, and they expect the Arab world, and they are saying 'Where are they?'"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice headline on this post. even though the entire situation is a tragedy, a little black humour goes a long way. keep up the good work. we appreciate your effort and time.

8:36 AM  
Blogger annie said...

ricker isn't the only one saying it..

ms rice

"What they need to do is confirm and work for Iraq's Arab identity," she said.

lol. maybe they could have an arab appreciation holiday. celebrate their roots. aipac should get right on it.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If a higher-up logistics officer can be killed in the Green Zone the military predicament of the occupation is dire indeed.

Los Angeles Times
Military deaths
April 13, 2008

Stephen K. Scott, 54, of New Market, Ala.; colonel, Army. Scott was one of two soldiers killed April 6 in a rocket attack on Baghdad's fortified Green Zone, where they were working out at the U.S. Embassy's military fitness center. He was assigned to the 356th Quartermaster Battalion in
Laurel, Miss.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i read he is the highest ranking US personnel thus far who's died in the war.

12:48 PM  

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