Saturday, June 28, 2008

Military reinforcements called for in both Anbar and Mosul

The head of the Interior Ministry's national command center, AbdulKarim Khalaf, said additional military forces are needed in Anbar province, and in a similar vein, the governor of Ninawa province attributed the latest problems there to "insufficiency of military capacity".

With respect to Anbar, AlHayat quotes the Interior Ministry officer Khalaf as
admitting ... the existence of problems in Al-Anbar, and he told AlHayat: "This is manifested in the return of AlQaeda to activity in some of the regions remote from the city (Ramadi), and particularly in Faluja, which he called the center of tensions in Al-Anbar, in addition to penetrations of the security apparatus". And he said: "Restoration of security in Anbar requires the carrying out of a wide-ranging purge operation by the security apparatus here, and the support of the province with additional forces.
The journalist notes that Ramadi already has over 5000 Awakening members, and 3500 police. The journalist also quotes the provincial governor to the effect that even when the Americans turn over the security file to the Iraqi authorities, they will still remain for a period of time, and he mentioned there are 5000 US military people in Camp Mesack (?).

With respect to Mosul, the same AlHayat reporter quotes provincial governor Duraid Kashmula:
"It is the insufficiency of military capacity connected with the recent security campaign ("Lions roar"/"Mother of the two springs") that has led to the renewed activity of AlQaeda sleeper cells". He emphasized [there is a] request for more reinforcements to confront the security deterioration.


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