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Any bilateral agreement will end up in the trash can: AMSI

The official spokesperson for the Association of Muslim Scholars of Iraq, Mohammed Bashar al-Faydi (spelling corrected), read a statement and answered questions at the conclusion of the AMSI's fifth annual general meeting in Damascus. The statement included the following remarks on the armed resistance:
Sheikh al-Faydi said: The resistance is the sure way to end the occupation and this resistance has not and will not cease or disappear; when it disappeared from Anbar as a result of the projects of the Awakenings that are loyal to the United States, it returned and grew in Mosul, Diyala and other areas of Iraq, and in fact it moved into places where the occupier didn't expect it, like the South of Iraq.

Several Arab countries today maintain support for several of the forces opposing the occupation, and other countries will follow them in that, once the current administration [in Iraq] has been changed, and he said the Arabs will be engaged in the matter of Iraq once the current administration is changed...

He said the fact that the occupation and the parties that benefit from the occupation oppose AMSI's project is of no consequence, "because these parties and this government are the object of popular resentment that has reached its high point, given their theft of billions of dollars from the nation's annual budget....The government... is living its last moments. The occupation, in its own interests, is providing [the government] with life-support, in spite of its considerable irritation with [the government]," and he warned that "once this administration falls, the government will be in its death-throes".
In answer to a question, the spokesman said:
AMSI is not worried about Kurdish separatism. "They will not separate, because in spite of the current political operations, if [the two parties] were to declare separation, the Kurdish people will not support them". He said AMSI has surveys showing over 80% of Kurds in the north don't support the two main parties; and over 60% don't support federalism, adding that the ratio of people in the South rejecting federalism is even higher.
And there was a question about the US-Iraq security agreement.
Whether the government signs the agreement or doesn't sign it, the national forces in Iraq have registered their rejection of any agreement with the occupation, of whatever kind, whether political, military, economic or cultural that is damaging to the sovereignty of Iraq and to its security and to its wealth. The force rejecting the occupation cannot deviate from this principle. If the government wants to sell the occupation, that sale will be null and void, because it doesn't represent reality. The wastepaperbasket is the fate that awaits [any such agreement] on the liberation of Iraq.
(Their own English version is available here, worth a read because he raises a couple of other interesting points as well).


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Why AlDhari speech in the conference is nowhere to find? Not in Arabic and not in English.

Thank you for reminding me.

11:32 AM  
Blogger badger said...

That's a good question. He was there, he was re-elected secretary general, but there's nothing about his speech that I can find either. Could he be taking a lower profile?...

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aloha, Badger! I was fascinated to see that there's apparently 2 drafts of the MoU, one in Arabic and one in English and they're not the same!

"A number of Iraqi lawmakers opposed some points of the US-Iraqi draft agreement that stipulates in its Arabic text to determine a timetable for US Forces withdrawal from Iraq which is not mentioned in the English version. It evoked as well the issue of US soldiers’ immunity which is still debated."


Very interesting...!

2:09 PM  
Blogger badger said...

Thanks for that.

As the announcer in the accompanying video says: The news about the agreement changes from day to day.

The interviewee who says only the Arabic version includes the text with a "defined timing" for withdrawal adds that this is still a pending issue (suggesting that perhaps what is happening is that the Iraqi side is leaking its own proposed text to show Iraqis how tough it is being, and some are taking this as a draft agreement);

and the shifty-looking dude talking about immunity says the Iraqi side cannot grant the American forces complete immunity, then goes on to talk about cooperation between the American and the Iraqi forces, adding that this is another issue that requires further discussion...

It's quite a show

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Faydi, not Fayadi.

7:08 AM  
Blogger badger said...

thank you

2:09 AM  

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