Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Five suggested pressure-points on Israel and its Western sponsors

Conditions in Gaza are catastrophic beyond words, and getting worse as the Israeli attacks continue. This of course changes nothing in Washington where points continue to be awarded for demonstrated ability to keep silent in the face of this.

There are some weak links in the Zionist/American scheme of things, only not in Washington. First, there are signs of de-Zionization among consciencious Jewish Americans willing to take a stand against what has become an ideology of endless war. Secondly, there is a revolt of sorts under way among the Arab states of the region, who have arranged for a meeting to deal with Gaza in Qatar on Friday, to be attended by representatives of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Qatar, Algeria and others (at least 14 Arab states in all have agreed to attend, reports say, filling the quota to make this an official Arab League emergency meeting). This is in defiance of the wishes of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, leaders of the hardcore US-puppet axis, also known as the Axis of Moderates, who prefer to deal with this in a less urgent fashion, as an additional topic at a scheduled Arab League economic summit in Kuwait early next week.

AbdulBari Atwan, writing in AlQuds alArabi, says the decision to go ahead with this meeting is already a major accomplishment, given the intensity of the opposition from the Axis of Moderates. But in order not to end up as just another forum for empty rhetoric, he suggests five specific measures that could be taken to bring real pressure to bear on Israel and its Western sponsors to end this.

(1) Agreement to cut off of all contacts with Israel, including expelling Israeli government representatives and closing or at least suspending the operations of all Israeli trade offices.

(2) Having the oil-producers participating in this meeting agree to use the oil weapon, by cutting production enough to have a meaningful effect on the industrialized countries, while at the same time subsidizing prices for the developing countries.

(3) The participating countries could strike fear in the hearts of the Americans and the Europeans by threatening to end all cooperation in terrorism investigations. He notes that this was very effectively used by Saudi Arabia against the UK at the time of the bribery investigation involving aircraft sales and kickbacks to Prince Bandar. The threat was made and the investigation was called off.

(4) The countries of North Africa could threaten to end cooperation with Europe in the area of illegal immigration.

(5) Algeria has a special strategic importance to European countries, being their only source of natural gas apart from Russia, and this is particularly the case now, when European countries are looking for stable alternate sources given the fact Russia has shown it is prepared to shut off supplies for political reasons.
Perhaps president Abdulaziz Bouteflika, a son of the Algerian revolution, will take this issue into account and use the gas card for the relief of his brothers who are undergoing the holocaust in Gaza.


Blogger NonArab-Arab said...

Just minor correction, Libya also provides fairly large volumes of gas to Europe via a pipe to Italy that came onstream a year or two ago.

Good point about the Bandar bribery investigation. This is perhaps what is so doubly and triply maddening about these Quislings - they actually do have less than "nuclear option" practical pressure point tools they can use if they really had Arab interests at heart. But they don't, so this is the rubbish their people get.

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