Friday, January 30, 2009

Israel election issue: Fascism

This op-ed, by Yossi Sarid, appeared on the Haaretz English-language website earlier today. It doesn't seem to be on their main page any more, so here it is in its entirely, in case you missed it.

(Recall, among other things, that Yisrael Beiteinu is proposing a measure to strip "disloyal" Arab citizens of their citizenship, something that has as its model a 1935 Nazi law).

Centrists must unite to block fascist Lieberman's march on J'lem
By Yossi Sarid

Twin demons scuttle within us - the ethnic demon and the nationalist one. In the current elections, the nationalist has the upper hand.

Lieberman's campaign broadcasts convey one message - "we, the patriotic Jews, will beat the Arabs to a pulp" - and it's working. Haaretz's poll Thursday put Yisrael Beiteinu ahead of Labor and in third place among the parties. Haider is dead in Austria and living in Israel.

Who will lie on the road to stop fascism's advance to conquer Jerusalem? Netanyahu? What, is he crazy? Lieberman is his historic, natural ally. The Likud list itself boasts several Liebermans, even if they're called Feiglins.

Will Livni stop it? "We can work with Lieberman," she said Thursday.

Wasn't it Kadima that joined Labor that joined Yisrael Beiteinu in an attempt to bury Israel's Arab citizens' representatives outside democracy's fence?

After the Arabs, it will be the turn of other "undesirables" - a great many of them.

Will Barak stop it? He who is determined to be defense minister in any government, no matter which?

The nationalist-fascist advance can be halted only if all centrist political forces block its path and rip the Judeo-patriotic mask from its face.

If only little Meretz among all the Zionist parties is trying to stop this, then the cause is lost. The day is fast approaching when the country will be painted Fascist brown.

A fixed, familiar prescription has been used to prepare the ground and hearts for this: Take the frustration of chronic persecution, add anxiety from an economic crisis and unemployment, sprinkle it with an aggressive criminal personality, mix well - and there's your poisonous potion.

Despite the yawning and attacks of nausea, please watch the broadcasts Saturday and judge for yourself:

Can any democracy drink this poison and not sell its soul to the devil?


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