Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A play in less than one act

curtain rises on a bare stage, two individuals, one of them in a harsh, unforgiving light

Can you feel it?

Feel what?

You know

I don't know, what?

Come on

Come on what?

Aren't we all friends?

Of course, and?

Don't just say "and",

What should I say?

What you feel

About what?

You are a doubter

What's that?

He has practically hit a home run, and you feel nothing?


Don't be obstinate

Was there a siege lifted somewhere and the starving people given food and the chance for a secure, normal life?

Don't be sarcastic.

A light in the darkness?

Not exactly.

A possibility? Tyrants threatened with a cutoff of US aid?

Why do you always exaggerate?

Improved relations?

"That data is unaviliable at the present time."

I'm leaving.

You have insufficient feeling for the nuances.

Good bye.

Wait! Can't you just "embrace, nurture, and big-up it"?

I'm leaving

This will be of great assistance to us in the future, when we need to fire hellfire missiles at them

At whom?

You know



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