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Sacred History

Reluctantly and unwillingly or voluntarily; by agreement and understanding and in the framework of the famous agreement with the Iraqis or without any deep consultation with them; with what they call a "gentleman" agreement with Iran or without one; the time has come for the story of Exodus of America from Iraq.

Because in any event Obama has decided to exit from Iraq and to cross over into Afghanistan, thinking that thereby will come the end of the seven lean years of America and the beginning of the prescribed seven fat years, once he has corrected for the misjudgments of his predecessor Bush Jr.

What the Democrat Obama has forgotten is that the plague of the seven Bush years that has afflicted his army and his people wasn't the just result of some "misjudgment" by his Republican predecessor whether on the battlefield or in the fraud and deception connected with that famous position about weapons of mass destruction, such that it would be possible for the Democratic president, particularly if he is black and brings with him emblems of change, to bring about for his tribe seven fat years merely by going over from Iraq into Afghanistan.

The plague, O Obama, comes from a different place entirely.
After citing a book by Syrian author Munir Al-Akash on the extermination of native people in the creation of the United States called "America's wars of extermination", the writer says:
It is this endless list of documented wars of extermination in the formation of the present United States of America, which we remember at this historic moment, for reference for those who have been observing and following the events in Iraq and Afghanistan during these seven lean years, from the barbaric activities at Abu Ghraib prison, to the massacres of Falluja and holy Najaf and the rape of Abir Al-Janabi and the killing of her whole family, to the many incidents at the hands of the gangs of Blackwater and the other organized American gangs in Iraq, to make it self-evident whether these are in fact the isolated events and individual "bad apples" as George Soros once said.

Or is it rather part of a culture: The right to sacrifice others; the destiny of limitless expansion; the role of liberating savior of the world and of racial and cultural superiority.

Obama needs to answer this question before he transfers from Iraq to Afghanistan, thinking that this move alone is enough to bring about the miracle of the seven fat years.

He should immerse himself in the Book of Genesis of the American occupation, and before that the Book of the Genesis of the American extermination itself, in this historic moment in which he is calling for change, before he inaugurates a new round of suffering and pain for the world to be launched by this devious transfer from Iraq to Afghanistan. Because if he does not do that today, then on the Day of Reckoning for the era of Bush Jr and the trial and punishment of his people for the massacres in Iraq, and at the time of the judgment that will inevitably come, sooner or later, then Obama will not be held innocent of participating in this, no matter what his excuses for keeping silent, and the fact that he is black will not speak for him either.

--Mohammed Sadeq Al-Husseini


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, powerful stuff from Mr. Al-Husseini.
He mentions without saying it, America's conceptual fiction of "Manifest Destiny" and mission to bring enlightment to the heathens.
Unfortunately, neither Obama nor any pro US politician can ever bring the US out of that delusion.
Only economic destruction and military defeat could, maybe, do that.
Well, we have almost one and nearly the other. So it may come to pass without Obama having anything to do about it!!

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This seems to me a somewhat triumphalist text in an apocalyptic sort of way. Iraq will be rid of the US, and the US will suffer in the same way in Afghanistan.

He is not wrong.

2:35 PM  
Blogger annie said...

good catch

3:45 PM  
Blogger badger said...

You say "apocalyptic" like it's a bad thing.

And I don't think "triumphalist" is quite right either, he doesn't seem to care whether they leave with the band playing and Old Glory fluttering in the wind or not, I think maybe "realist" would be closer to it.

Btw, while we're on the subject of history, the link I included in the post is to the article in html of AlQuds AlArabi for today Monday March 2, but that only stays good for a day of so, and I know that humanities departments all over are going to be clamoring for access to this for their Intro to Western Civ courses, so here is the permanent link, to the actual p.19 of the paper in pdf format.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know that humanities departments all over are going to be clamoring for access to this



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