Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Washington solipsism

The announcement and interpretations of the Afghanistan/Pakistan "policy" have said nothing about those actual countries, and here is the reason:

The problem--"how to make the US government move"--has now been solved, as the USIP dude says.
“We have never seen this level of political attention on Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is easy to underestimate how much that attention means.” Beyond the additional diplomatic, aid, and military U.S. personnel being committed to the mission, Thier added, “Fundamentally to have such high level support by people such as Richard Holbrooke who really know how to make the U.S. government move – we haven’t seen before.” J. Alex Thier of USIP
So naturally we can now expect smooth sailing, says CAP:
I think the odds of the multi-modal influx of military forces, civilian development and governance experts, and money working are pretty good. MY
In other words, the view is that the debilitating effects of inter-agency sectarianism have been overcome--in Washington. If you want to know what that has got to do with anything in the region, well...


Blogger badger said...

More to the point, don't miss Lenin's report on the Put People First demo in London today, very successful by all accounts, a warmup for the G20 this coming week.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous electronic cigarettes said...

Thanks for your blog, and in providing an alternative view. Probably a more refreshing view.

I've lurked here for a while, and I haven't always agreed with some of your commentary...but I believe that all views should be considered for the sake of intellectual honesty. I work in life till now has been leading me on the path of government service. I find that I don't believe in 'the mission' anymore, or at least the level of intellectual dishonesty that comes along with it. Material like this blog is partially thanks for your efforts.

Farming does feel more honest. Maybe I'll be a chef.

12:58 AM  
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