Thursday, November 16, 2006

Resistance says Izzat rejected Yemeni president's proposal for US-resistance talks in Sanaa

Al-Quds al-Arabi publishes today, Thursday November 16, a statement by the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance, IPA (or Iraqi National Alliance, the umbrella group for the domestic resistance) that says Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Salah offered to host in Sanaa talks between the resistance and the Americans, a proposal which has been rejected by the resistance.

The statement says Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri deputized one of his people to go to the leadership of the IPA and discuss with them a variety of issues, including what transpired with respect to the Yemeni proposal. The IPA statement says the al-Duri delegate told them al-Duri had received a proposal from Ali Salah to host talks between America and the resistance in Sanaa, and that al-Duri had rejected the proposal, in keeping with the resistance position is that there will be no talks and no contacts with the Americans until they plainly and clearly agree to the prior demands of the resistance, which include a commitment to complete troop-withdrawal.

In any event, al-Duri is said to have added, he will not travel outside Iraq until the last of the occupation soldiers has left. When and if the Americans agree to the prior conditions, al-Duri is said to have replied, then the resistance will be ready to come to the table with a unified position.

The statement added that the al-Duri delegate repeated that there is no truth whatever to repeated rumors of contacts and/or talks between elements of the resistance and the Americans, describing these as part of PR and mukhabarat disinformation campaigns.


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