Friday, January 16, 2009

Iraq here we come

LB at RoadstoIraq posts a clipping from a Dutch newspaper in which the US army solicits "Iraqis or people who come from other Arabic speaking countries" to try out as actors in a make-believe "Iraqi village" in southern Germany (travel expenses and board will be paid; please bring ID). She notes this confirms the gist of a story in AlQuds alArabi yesterday, that quoted one prospect as having been offered $90 a day for this. Ads are particularly focused on German universities, the story said. The recruiter explained to the prospect that the idea is to train American soldiers being sent from America to Iraq. They sometimes have difficulty shifting from American culture to Iraqi and Islamic culture, so this will be a good opportunity for them to learn about Iraqi and Islamic customs and culture.

LB asks: "Any withdrawal out of Iraq soon?"


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