Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jordanian doctors confirm evidence of banned and "non-traditional" weapons

The Iraqi news-site Islammemo:
Jordanian doctors returning from the Gaza Strip say the wounds they witnessed confirm the use by the Zionist occupation, in their attack on Gaza, of non-traditional weapons, and of banned weapons.

They also referred to the fact that a team of Norwegian doctors took samples for study and a report to be presented as evidence in a trial...

The doctors said the clinical examinations of the wounds that they witnessed were ample proof of the use of white phosphorus, referring to the fact "there was white smoke rising from open wounds".

Jordanian surgeon Dr Hamadi abu Al-Adas said the majority of the cases treated by the doctors were evidence of the severing of legs and upper limbs [DIME]; and other wounds that were the result of the use of internationally banned weapons that lead to internal burning, and tearing of internal organs [white phosphorus].

Specialist Dr Abdul Razaq al-Abasi explained: Israel used shells that it is said release splinters for the purpose of severing limbs; and others that release toxic explosives that dissolve within the body that is hit; some that release wedge-shaped splinters; and others concussion-type that cause internal bleeding and bursting of the intestines and other organs.

The journalist notes: The Jordanian medical establishment had tried to send 32 doctors and nurses to Gaza during the fighting, of whom 12--eight doctors and four nurses--were actually able to get in via the Rafah crossing.

(H/t LB of RoadstoIraq)


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