Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Racism, in other words

Nonarab Arab links to an AlJazeera website feature that shows pictures and details of whole families that were wiped out in the so-called war. He recites details for 13 of those families, and he concludes:
I wish it weren't true, but even this is only a partial list of the families Israel has murdered the past few weeks, let alone the past 60 years. Let the deaths of these innocent families - not even individuals, entire families targeted by Israel's Zionist death squads - stand as a reminder. That while there must be reconciliation between Arabs and Jews and a united country with equal rights for all, that such reconciliation can only come by standing firm against Zionist Israel just as the world stood firm against Apartheid South Africa. Zionism is racism, period, and it must be confronted just as Jim Crow and Apartheid had to be confronted. May these families rest in peace and may we build a better world of equality so that Israeli racism will no longer be able to take innocent lives.


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